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  1. Parts

    A good parts department can make or break your paycheck.
  2. My IDS has been acting up for a while. When you ID the vehicle it will pull the mileage and codes from the previous vehicle it had ID'd. This is very strange and at the same time frustrating. I have to id the vehicle, delete it, and then ID it again to proceed. Ever heard of this?
  3. BETA stuff

    That's an avatar? bahahahaha just kidding
  4. BETA stuff

    I'm really glad the general community can't see this.
  5. BETA stuff

    It was a dark and stormy knight night. Now that is some small font! finish E-450 valve stem seals replace cylinder head on F-250 remove 64 from F-250 and tear down check oil pressure on F-250 with 54 get quote on E-450 with oil leaks go to bed get up rinse repeat
  6. Barbecue Grill

    They gave us a new one and we got to keep the damaged one, so we gave it to our daughter. They still use that sucker.
  7. Barbecue Grill

    I bought an assembled grille from Lowes and it fell out of the back of my truck on the way home.
  8. F-150 cab off

    This vehicle was getting a short block due to an out of round cylinder.
  9. Check it out.