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Dwayne loves his '1984 F150 complete with air, tilt and cruise control which he bought in 1997. "I used to drive it every single day, summer and winter when I first bought it and pull my 28 foot bear fridge (travel trailer) with it until I bought my Super Duty. Now it is mostly a summer weekend only driver and some evenings as well. It is my baby. It has always been and still is a work or restoration in progress. Last summer was the first time I have ever put it in a car show due to S.L. Ford talking me into it. I had never ever considered it car show material due to the fact that it has never been completed. But I enrolled it in the car show as a work in progress. In 2013, the wife and I are going to join a cross-Canada country antique road show with it, where we will drive it with a convoy of other antiques across Canada showing them off in every town we stop in. I can't wait."


  • Year: 1984
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-150 XLT Regular Cab
  • Color: Light Blue and Silver
  • Distance: Unknown
  • Engine: 5.8L H.O. (351 Windsor with Holley Four Barrel
  • Drivetrain: C-6 Automatic, 2WD, 9 inch diff
  • Modifications: Bug Deflector, bed liner, bed rail covers