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About This Website

Our Mission Statement

"The Diesel Technician Society web site is a place for industry professionals,specifically Ford diesel and truck technicians, to freely share information and ideas from the perspective of technicians. The emphasis is on helping each other with diagnostic assistance, encouragement and the sharing of information that will ultimately help us all become better at what we do."

About The Publisher

I am a Ford Senior Master Technician specializing in light and medium duty trucks and diesel engines. A graduate of the Morris County Vocational-Technical school's Diesel program I got a good head start on my career training in High School which I followed up with a technical degree from Engine City Technical Institute with over 2000 hours of combined, hands-on instruction for diesel engines and truck driveline. I have maintained my career as a dealer technician for over 28 years. Beyond Ford training I completed the Caterpillar 2007 ACERT training and certified on Cummins mid-range B series engines.

In The Beginning

A computer geek and internet forum junky I used to frequent a lot of forums and interacted with many diesel owners and other technicians. The DTS web site originally began with a little free server space to store some photographs and a few articles that I would direct people to for further explanations to some of the problems they may have been experiencing with their Ford trucks or Power Stroke diesel engines. The member forums were quickly added after launching the site transforming it into a unique on-line community offering technicians, dealer employees and corporate employees a place to communicate away from the general public hammering us and especially without the censorship and corporate bias of the OEM message boards. I am proud of the professional, friendly and knowledgeable community that has matured and continues to grow. We are always looking for new ways to make learning about these vehicles and the technology they utilize fun and interesting with new content and features.

It is hoped that you find this web site informative and interesting and I thank you for visiting!

Keith Browning - Owner and Publisher

FordDoctorsDTS.com is privately owned and operated and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ford Motor Company, International Truck and Engine Corporation, Caterpillar or Cummins.