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Keith Browning
Keith Browning

6.7L Block Heater Install

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The 2011 model year Super Duty brought us a new Ford Power Stroke Diesel engine. Engine block heaters and cords are still not standard equipment when ordered in all locations and owners of these trucks equipped with 6.7L PSD engines may want to add one. We have received requests for information about this topic so we thought it would be good to post an article showing where the heater element is installed on the engine and the proper routing for the cord. While this is not a terribly difficult procedure the how and where may cause confusion for some people. No problem!

First, obtain the following OEM parts:

  1. Heater Element - Ford part # BC3Z-6A051-A
  2. Wire Assembly - Ford part # BC3Z-6B018-C
  3. Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound - Motorcraft part # XG-3-A

Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Drain the PRIMARY cooling system which is the rear radiator with the drain valve at the driver's side of the truck. Save the coolant in a clean drain pan or containers for re-use.

Step 2 - Remove the right front wheel and tire assembly.

Step 3 - Remove the right inner fender well to access the right side of the engine and frame rail.

Step 4 - Locate and remove the cylinder block coolant drain plug just above the starter motor (below left)

Step 5 - Install the engine block heater element and torque to 30 lb-ft. (below right)





Step 6 - Apply the Dielectric Compound to the electrical connectors at both ends of the cord to prevent water entry and corrosion. The cord is also a 2-piece cord with a square in-line connector pictured on the right below. Apply the dielectric compound to that connection as well before installing the cord.





Step 7 - Plug the cord into the block heater and place the cord along the top of the right frame rail and behind the suspension mount. The harness should drop down the inside of the right frame rail along the top of the oil cooler. Secure the nylon harness tabs at the points indicated below.





Step 8 - Looking at the inside of right frame rail the cord runs along the top of the oil cooler and is secured with a nylon harness tab to the right front bumper bracket. Then from the front of the bumper secure the harness and 110V plug to the inside of the bumper with the nylon harness tab.





Step 9 - Refill the cooling system and run engine and inspect for coolant leaks. Reinstall the inner fender well and wheel and tire assembly.

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