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Diagnostic 8 Ball

We know how you feel. Sometimes you just want to lock your toolbox and head for home. Diagnosing a Power Stroke Diesel can sometimes test the patience of the best technicians and with all of the superseded TSB's and updated procedures that seem to be forever changing, who can keep up? Let us take the guesswork out of the job for you. Close your eyes and think with deep concentration about the engine and condition you are diagnosing then click the button for your magic diagnosis.

Click for diagnosis

The 60+ diagnoses displayed on this 8 Ball are randomly displayed from a database of pattern failures of diesel engines in Ford Trucks representing several engine models and over three decades of production. The best advice we can offer is that you should not beleive everything that you read on the Internet. Any diagnosis presented on this tool that accurately matches your concern is totally coincidental. No technicians or service materals were harmed in the programming of this tool.