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  2. Upfitter Switches

    This is a nice article, thanks
  3. Air Management Failures

    From EGR systems to turbochargers and after treatment components air management has plagued modern diesels and perplexed technicians. Here we will take a look at some of the things that prevent these diesels from breathing properly and cause a lot of driveability concerns.
  4. Upfitter Switches

    The Ford Upfitter Switches are optional instrument panel mounted switches that control relays. These relays power four blunt cut wires that are intended for customer use to install a variety of aftermarket accessories and upfitted equipment from lighting to pumps to winches and more. These wires are dedicated fuse protected circuits. They can also be used in conjunction with the powertrain options SEIC (Stationary Elevated Idle Control) transmission-driven PTO functions and Battery Charge Protection. Our goal is to help promote better quality installations that are properly executed, reliable and prevent damage to vehicles by sharing this outstanding resource and hopefully making it better known. These bulletins are located in at the Ford Truck Body Builder Advisory Service website, an outstanding resource for Ford Truck owners, dealer service departments, fleets and body and equipment upfit companies. For convenience here is a list of all the Ford SVE Bulletins Concerning Upfitter Switches. These bulletins fully describe the upfitter switch system, component locations and wiring schematics. In addition there are three bulletins about adding the upfitter switches to 2005 through 2016 model year trucks. Please note that upfitter switches CANNOT BE ADDED to 2017 and newer Super Duty trucks and must be specified when ordering trucks. New for 2017 and newer Super Duty trucks is the Ford Upfitter Interface Module, or UIM, that provides output signals for aftermarket equipment such as lift buckets, cranes,motors, salt spreaders, snow plows, etc. via customer programmable logic based on switch inputs and vehicle CAN bus messages. The UIM adds highly configurable functionality and works well with upfitter switches. There is nothing sadder than a truck equipped with upfitter switches and someone still drills holes in dashboards and performs half-assed installations. Q-117 2005-2007 F-Series Super Duty Upfitter Switches Q-117R1 2008 F-Series Super Duty Upfitter Switches Q-117R2 F-Series Super Duty Upfitter Switches Q-133 2005 Thru 2007 F-Series Super Duty ADD ON Upfitter Switches Installation Q-157 2008 F-Series Super Duty ADD ON Upfitter Switches Installation Q-157R3 2011 – 2016 F-Series Super Duty Upfitter Switches Installation Q-174 2009 E-Series Upfitter Switches Q-252 2017 and later F-Series Super Duty Upfitter Switches Q-251R1 Ford Upfitter Interface Module (UIM)
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