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    Modern diesel engines are equipped with four valves per cylinder to increase air flow by reducing interference. This configuration also allows engineers to position the fuel injector in the center of the combustion chamber for uniform fuel dispersion within the cylinder. Computers can manage the fuel injectors with such precision that multiple injections of different fuel volumes are made during each power stroke. By introducing a small dose of fuel, called a pilot injection, just a few ten-thousandths of a second before the main shot of fuel, the combustion is "softer" and noise is reduced considerably.

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    A little advice from an experienced peer.

    Learn from others. I don't think that this necessarily applies to just the younger technicians. Anyone in this industry with time under their belt knows that things change and at times very rapidly respect to technology and vehicle design. Part of the job is learning as much as you can from the past as well as keeping current with the new technologies constantly being presented. Whether you are a seasoned Senior Master or a young class C or B technician it is always good to share knowledge with others or ask questions. It will not only make you a better technician but your shop will benefit from the entire team being more knowledgeable, resourceful and willing to work together. Who benefits from this way of thinking? Everyone including your customers whom without your employer would not have a business and you would not have a job.

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